Laurel Park Artist-in-Residence Program 2015

Please read carefully before submitting application materials

The Laurel Park Art’s Artist-in-Residence Program is a non-residential community based arts initiative of the Association (LPA) with the goal of bringing contemporary artist to work and create art on the grounds and buildings located in Laurel Park, Northampton. This residency is best suited to artists who are interested in working with the natural landscape for performances and/or installation art, however all artists are welcome to apply. The six month residency starts May 15th and ends October 15th. Crucial to the residency is participation in Laurel Park Arts events during the 2015 season. This includes participating in the Chautauqua Festival with a performance or lecture, and a final performance held in October. 

The selected artist will have access to all public spaces within Laurel Park, including the 9-Acre Woods, Normal Hall, and the Tabernacle. Normal Hall is a multi-use indoor space, and is approximately 1,000 square feet, while the Tabernacle is an outdoor theater great for performances, rehearsals, or temporary installations. Please note that these spaces will be in use by others, and AIR participants cannot leave their studio space set up in them (this excludes the 9-Acre Woods, where installations can be left up until the end of residency). The resident artist will need to schedule use of all facilities and grounds in collaboration with Laurel Park Arts. Any site specific installations installed on our 9 acres woods will need to be removed at the end of the residency.

For more information about Laurel Park Arts, please visit

Community Arts Presentation

A key component of the artist residency is the presentation of the resident artists’ work to Laurel Park residents and regional community. With the application, please submit a one page narrative outlining your ideas and concept for presenting your work to the regional community. LPA will work with the artist in organizing an event (or series of events), and assist in outreach and promotion through social media and our website. 

Selection Process

The artist will be selected by a sub-committee of the LPA Board as well as invited artist, curators, and a Laurel Park resident(s).

Deadline to submit material: April 30th, 2015

Starting date of residency: May 15th, 2015- Oct. 15, 2015

Materials submitted for consideration for the LPA-AIR will be reviewed online. 

Artist are encouraged to submit their website or other social media sites.

Applications can be submitted via the form here, or can be emailed directly to

Please include:

• Your name

• Address

• Medium 

• Special requirements for viewing or installation of your work

• Space requirements and approximate time your would use LPA facilitie1 pg. Narrative of ideas/intentions

• 1 pg. Narrative of ideas/intentions


Note: Artist chosen to be the AIR at Laurel Park will allow the LPA Board to document their residency period, their creative work, etc, via camera or video and allow us to present their work on our website as well as any other social media outlets in order to expose the LPA-AIR Program. Artists are welcomed to use our 501-c3 non-profit status in order to apply for funding or artist grants to assist in completing their project.