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The Current Face of Immigration

Community Conversations

Engage with local experts on the leading issues of the day

How does one act ethically in an era of great global change and upheaval? Can individuals impact climate change, immigration, or smartphones and social media, and if so, does it matter?

The three issues are interrelated. Climate change is already impacting patterns of immigration. Smartphones and the Internet connect people around the world as never before, but at great cost in energy and resources.

Panels and audience will explore the role of the individual in response to climate change, immigration, and social media, taking both a philosophical and practical approach.

Tuesday evenings at 7 pm;  July 10, July 24 and August 7. (By donation)

July 24

The Current Face of Immigration

Where are today’s immigrants coming from, what are they facing, and how should the community respond? A look at some key challenges facing today’s immigrants — and their hosts.


  • JAVIER LUENGO-GARRIDO, coordinator, Immigrant Protection Project, American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts
  • MARGARET SAWYER, lead organizer, Pioneer Valley Workers Center 
  • MAXINE STEIN, executive director of Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts

Moderator: KATHRYN BUCKLEY-BRAWNER, executive director, Catholic Charities of Springfield

Community Conversations is a new series of panel presentations that invites audiences to engage with local experts on the leading issues of the day. This weeks panel is led by Kathryn Buckley-Brawner, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Springfield. (By donation)

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