Laurel Park Arts

Laurel Park Arts is the cultural initiative of the Laurel Park Association, a non profit organization that offers artistic, educational, spiritual, and cultural programs to residents of Northampton and Western Massachusetts in the historic buildings and grounds of Laurel Park. A central feature of the park is its tabernacle, a beautifully restored, covered outdoor theater and music venue.

LPA runs programs in Laurel Park with the gracious cooperation of Homeowners At Laurel Park (HALP). For questions about living in Laurel Park, email

Laurel Park is a unique place with common buildings well suited for gatherings and events. LPA is an all-volunteer organization that looks for creative ways to use and share these buildings and grounds with the greater community.

Your membership and donations support those efforts, and help to ensure that the common buildings will remain available for community use.

Membership fees are:

  • For Laurel Park Residents: $20 for  Individual/ $35 for Family
  • For Non-Residents: $25 for  Individual/ $40 for Family

Membership entitles you to vote in the annual meeting, where we approve our budget and elect board members.

All memberships are tax-deductible. 

Please make checks out to:

Laurel Park Association
2 Laurel Park
Northampton, MA 01060


 *All donation amounts are greatly appreciated*