Laurel Park Arts

Laurel Park Arts is the cultural initiative of the Laurel Park Association, a non profit organization that offers artistic, educational, spiritual, and cultural programs to residents of Northampton and Western Massachusetts in the historic buildings and grounds of Laurel Park. A central feature of the park is its tabernacle, a beautifully restored, covered outdoor theater and music venue.

LPA runs programs in Laurel Park with the gracious cooperation of Homeowners At Laurel Park (HALP). For questions about living in Laurel Park, email

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Outdoor Movie Night! Twilight of the Mississippi

Come see the compelling documentary "Twilight of the Mississippi" outside in the beautiful Tabernacle. Meet the director for a Q&A after the film.

Twilight of the Mississippi is a haunting look into the troubled environment and psyche of the American Heartland. It follows the quixotic journey of the Unseen Ghost Brigade, a theater-troupe that built a raft and traveled down the Mississippi River in 2010. The story plunges into the marginalized communities of America, a dense-patchwork of endangered worlds, with the river cutting through the middle of them all. Winona LaDuke, the National Park Service, industrial farmers, fishermen, spiritualists, anarchists, river rats, a black shaman, and the Army Corps of Engineers: here are the stories, the secrets, and the dark comedy of America's River.

Official Trailer HERE! 

Later Event: August 9
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