Laurel Park Arts

Laurel Park Arts is the cultural initiative of the Laurel Park Association, a non profit organization that offers artistic, educational, spiritual, and cultural programs to residents of Northampton and Western Massachusetts in the historic buildings and grounds of Laurel Park. A central feature of the park is its tabernacle, a beautifully restored, covered outdoor theater and music venue.

LPA runs programs in Laurel Park with the gracious cooperation of Homeowners At Laurel Park (HALP). For questions about living in Laurel Park, email

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Spotlight on the Artists of Laurel Park

Laurel Park is home to artists and musicians ranging from hobbyists to well recognized professionals. Nona Hatay is curating a show that will display the range of artists and craftspeople who call Laurel Park their home.

Normal Hall opens at 3 for a reception, with refreshments and a craft activity area.

Holyoke Hummus will park their delicious menu and fabulous truck right by Normal Hall from 3:30-5:30!

The art will also be on display during Friday's Sing-Along and Sunday's Historical Talk.

Artists of Laurel Park at our 2014 Chautauqua show.

Artists of Laurel Park at our 2014 Chautauqua show.