Laurel Park Arts

Laurel Park Arts is the cultural initiative of the Laurel Park Association, a non profit organization that offers artistic, educational, spiritual, and cultural programs to residents of Northampton and Western Massachusetts in the historic buildings and grounds of Laurel Park. A central feature of the park is its tabernacle, a beautifully restored, covered outdoor theater and music venue.

LPA runs programs in Laurel Park with the gracious cooperation of Homeowners At Laurel Park (HALP). For questions about living in Laurel Park, email

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Tai Chi class offered in Normal Hall

Beginner Adult Tai Chi; Yang Style will be offered FREE to ALL LP residents.  Friends and those out of Park can attend for $5 per class which will be donated to the LPA fund. This is not a martial art form but a soft flowing form using breath awareness.

Begins Weds. 5/10 at 6:30pm.  An hour long class in Normal Hall. 

Goal of this is to establish by weekly classes, repetition and review, as well as adding to the form each week, a solid foundation upon which the rest of the form is built.

Arrive 5 minutes prior to class to get set so we can start on time; late arrivals will break the Chi flow we are trying to establish.

Wear shoes or sandals that go all the way around your foot for safety; socks or barefoot is also fine but know the floors are wood.

Bring your favorite beverage and a snack is ok.

Chairs will be st up so you can rest as needed through the class, then re-join.

Please no one for observation only.

If you are interested kindly contact Elizabeth Nett, also letting me know if you would be bring an out of park friend, so we can get an idea if there is any interest. First class is a try out t o see how you feel.

Minimum of six is needed to run this class.


978-602-7108  call or text cellphone